Milestone : Remote games using PCoIP / VMware Blast on LNet vSphere Farm

I made it ! Can play different games on the using PCoIP / VMware Blasttechnology.

The stack used is as follows:

  • Client device : Windows (Horizon Client)
  • Remote Desktop Virtualization Host with one or more physical GPUs with RemoteFX or Direct Device Assignment, RemoteFX was used in this case.
  • VMware ESXi VM with PCIE passthrough

VM specs used for testing:

vCPU: 8 virtual cores of Intel Xeon E3-1270 V3

vRAM : 4 GB DDR3-1600

vGPU : AMD FirePro W7000 with Enterprise drivers

OS vHDD: 250GB OS on VMware Datastore + RAID Card with 1+1.5 TB disks for game storage

OS swap : Samsung EVO 120GB


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